Be More Like Piers

“The two most dangerous things in the world are procrastination and Australia.”

– Les Floyd

After realising I’m nearly 44-years-old and my life is running out fast, I’ve tasked myself with the challenge of writing at least one blog a day until I die or can’t type any more or have man flu, or some such other life-a-fearing ailment that leaves me void of my good senses.

I have a big bag of adventure seeds to cast about the lands in 2018; I want to get into the nooks and crooks and crannies of Cumbria and the Lake District (in Englandshire), as well as southwest Scotland and discover some of the more unusual tales and locales that I’ve been oblivious to, until this great year, and how can I possibly go to my grave without writing an innuendo-laden review of the Cumbrian town of Cockermouth?

Perhaps I’ll write about interesting facts and fancies? For instance, did you know that snails can travel in cars and dogs can’t walk sideways? I found out yesterday that a woodchuck is a groundhog! This is the sort of thing I can share with you, to enrich your life and help you sleep soundly at night, once more!

I’ll also be pondering, speculating, ruminating and busting moves, no doubt.

So there you have it. The gauntlet is cast. The die is cast, too.

Adventures ahoy!

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